Welcome to OSformula!

I’m OSformula, also known as Orahi. I'm a self-taught 3D Artist that ocassionally does music covers with TTS Singing Synthesizers and currently I’ve done over 40 models based on anime-styled female and male characters, animals and Low Poly characters. I also have some experience on programming in languages such as C++, C# and Java and knowledge on spreadsheets and office automation systems.

Between all software I can use, these are some of the most importance:

So... what can I offer?

3D model download

Free 3D model downloads for MikuMikuDance, Blender and VRM-compatible software!

3D commissions info

So you've seen the free models and you want a customized one? This is your place!

Streaming layouts

In case you need a good layout for your livestreams, we also do those! (Per mail request)


Simple automated scripts or interactive spreadsheets. You can check some examples here!

You can also send me an email at this address in case you want to contact me for business or any question related to my works.

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