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Software and Scripting examples

Released software



Standalone application that enables users to edit the colours of their SynthV singer tracks. Allows drag-and-drop of files and it’s available in 7 languages.

ColorSynth done by OSformula (http://osformula.com/)
.svp files belong to Dreamtronics (https://dreamtonics.com/)

Scripting examples



Set of Blender scripts done in a rush in order to fasten the 3D modelling workflow.

Current available scripts:

  • mirror_L_and_fuse: Grabs all shapekeys that end with “.L”, duplicates+mirrors them renaming those to “.R” and creates another that fuses both variations a-la-MMD where you would have “joy.L”, “joy.R” and “joy” (which is joy.R+joy.L).


Javascript G○○gle Sheet

Let’s say you’re an indie artist and you want to get an interactive way to show your customers how much would it cost to commission you OR you prefer to have an easier way to check your income, expenses and current stock after a year. There hasn’t been any more transparent way to do it now! 

Per request, now I can set you up an easy spreadsheet using G○○gle Sheet! This spreadsheet can also include some macros to make your life easier (like duplicate your current view and reset all values, update values, restrict cells to only certain users…)


Excel 2019+

It’s kinda the same as above but in case you’re using Excel! This is useful in case you have some documents that you prefer to only have them offline yet you want to automate some process or even clean up an old Excel file you used and add it some Macros to make your job a bit easier!



So, you like how this website looks and you want one like this? Well, I can help you decide how to make it look neat and pretty, and even program some small stuff to make it stand out a bit from the usual default themes. I can’t create themes from scratch (yet) but I can give some substantial help!