OSformula 2022 commission info

last updated: 13/Dec/2021


Basic 3D MMD model

Includes 3D mesh, rigging, weighting and basic morphs*
*Mouth: a, e, i, o, u — Eyes: blink, wink — Eyebrows: up, down

- Extension packs -

You can choose one of these!


Advanced 3D pack

Includes everything from the basic model plus:

  • Morph addendum 1
    • Eyes: ==, hit, surprise, TT, rage, glad, eyelid_up, OO — Mouth: wa, w, tri, triopen, sad, wopen, smile, smirk, down, up — Eyebrows: serious, sad, smily, anger
  • Dynamic physics


Professional 3D pack

Includes everything from the advanced 3D pack plus:

  • Morph addendum 2
    • Extra: Remove/change parts (if desired, for example, you could change between having a shirt or a jacket; in all cases the model will not be showcasing R18/NSFW parts)
  • Normal and emissive textures


Complete 3D pack

Includes everything from the professional 3D pack plus:

  • Morph addendum 3
    • Extra: 2 pose sliders, 5 2D sliders (as in blush, surprise, anime-styled tears, etc)
  • HD renders (MMD and Blender Eevee)
  • 2 Alternate color-swap textures with respective HD renders
  • Blender source file with compatible materials (no physics)


Commission Pack - LPSD Style Model

New pack focused for retro-styled model lovers and Virtual Artists in need of an Avatar. Includes retro-styled 3D mesh, rigging, weighting and default morphs*. Exported as VRM and FBX model formats.
*Mouth: a, e, i, o, u — Eyes: blink, smile, wink — Eyebrows: up, down

Extras available:

  • Morphs+ : Blendshapes that aren’t included in the VRM format will cost 5€ each.
  • Outfit+ : Alternative outfit for the same character, 40€ each.


  • Texture+: With this addon, the model will be given a retro-game-ish feel with some low resolution textures, fully configured to give your avatar a classic look! [20 euros each textured outfit]

3D full-body model commissions are closed until further notice.
However, we do have 2D commissions available, including character and logo design. Check the tweet below for more information!

Including what says in the Terms of Service section:
Accepted types of references: “Anime”-styled or vectorized characters (all bodytypes), beasts, furries and mechas (not complex).
Not accepted types of references: IRL-styled characters, NSFW, Gore/Zombies, replicas of existing models, characters from copyrighted material.

Commissions in progress

Waiting list

Slot filled
SLOT 2 - Open
5% - In Progress
SLOT 3 - Open
To be requested payment
SLOT 4 - Open
To be requested payment

This waiting list will show people that are interested in the commissions and with the money already ready so they can directly commission me once there’s a free slot available.

  • I can decline commission DMs if the model is too complex, is close to the “Not accepted type of references” or because the reference sheet is not understandable enough.
  • If a confirmation note takes up to 5 days to be confirmed, the slot will be retired.
  • Commercial projects may take priority when assigning slots.

Note: I’m currently studying in college so projects may be slower to complete than usual.


  • Any commission and/or upload done by me CAN’T be used as part of any type of 🅽🅵🆃 project. In addition, the only currency accepted is Euro (€) which the invoice already converts. 🅲🆁🆈🅿🆃🅾🅲🆄🆁🆁🅴🅽🅲🆈 is completely forbidden.
  • Price may be higher if it involves complex details (such as armour, complex mecha or specific edits), total price will always be noted before confirming the commission and in the invoice. Commercial projects involve an extra fee, variable depending on which purpose will it have.
  • The money above will be sent in advance via invoice done by myself in order to start the commission. Shipping adress will be set as “No shipping adress needed” as it’s a digital product.
  • You will be sent regularly an image with the status of the model via Twitter DM. Due to the current affaris of the world, WIP images may take time but you’re free to ask for an update if you see that I’m taking too much to send you one.
  • Please, send understandable reference sheets.
  • You can’t commission characters that are copyrighted by companies that don’t allow external commercial purposes, if you’re not sure about that, ask the company. I won’t be responsible for any damage if the commissioner violates the company’s license. Also, it’s completely forbidden to request a replica of an existing third-party (not done by OS_formula) model (for example, asking for a replica of TDA’s Append Miku)
  • I won’t make refunds when the model has already been started. If you see that I’m working on another model, that doesn’t mean I forgot about yours, I have to work on several projects so all of them get completed in a speedy manner.
  • You can only tell me to modify some things about the model if there was a problem in the references you’ve sent previously. Once the UV mapping process has been completed, no further edits can be done.
  • If you want to upgrade from a pack to another, the difference will be sent in a separate invoice. A pack won’t be able to be upgraded if the model has already been textured.
  • The model can be either public or private but I should still be credited for making the model